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Project Runway Watch: The Ugh of Aquarius

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Bravo Photo: Barbara Nitke

The Project Runway show at New York’s Fashion Week is coming up tomorrow, and once again I got an invitation. I went last spring, but I’ve been conflicted about going in the past, because I’ve worried about finding out who’s eliminated in the future and having anything spoiled for me. PR has taken care of my worries this season, though, and not by a stunt like having five or more designers show collections. (They may do that yet; I’m not in on the plans.) No, they’ve relieved my worry by putting together a season 5 I could hardly care less about.

(Conspiracy theorists would say they’re salting the Earth for Lifetime, which takes the show next year, in which case maybe they’ll show only three designers at Fashion Week and encourage us to print spoilers immediately.)

Spoilers coming up after the jump:

As I said last week, I’m guessing the winner is either Leanne or Korto, and I like both just fine but I’m not really enthused about either. And they seem to be returning the favor right back; Korto, in particular, always seems like she has something better to do than appearing on our television show, and would we mind leaving her alone because she really has work to do?

Anyhoo—the Zodiac challenge, one of the dumbest challenge concepts in a season full of them, didn’t do much to win me back. The most interesting, and chilling, part of the episode was the review of the designs by past contestants, which seemed like a cautionary tale of the future: do well enough on Project Runway, and someday you can—be right back on Project Runway!

I was glad to see Blayne go, wished Suede had joined him, and think Kenley skated based only on her past record, after doing work (see above) that managed to be both silly and derivative. But then Project Runway’s doing the same thing right now, so who can hold it against her?