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Palin Media-Sexism Train Arrives on Schedule

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Yesterday it was a prediction. Today it’s a reality:

1. You start with a legitimate grievance. (The “What about the kids?” question would not, in fact, have been asked of a man.)

2. You argue that, by extension, any other criticism—about experience, about issues, etc.—must also be sexist. (The sum total of evidence for chauvinism in this op-ed: [1] Sarah Palin is a woman and [2] the word “chauvinism” is in the headline.)

3. You declare the other campaign guilty by association. (To be fair, Fiorina does provide one piece of actual evidence: Joe Biden called Palin “good-looking.” Because it’s not like he would ever comment on his male running mate’s lean, youthful appearance.)

4. Repeat as necessary.