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Vacation Robo-Post: Drinking in Moderation

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Unless Robo-James and his comrades have overthrown the humans, the Democratic National Convention has begun by now, with the Republicans up next week. That means the general election, and next month brings the first Presidential debate.

If the primary debates are any guide, we can make a good guess as to the content of the debate questions: in an effort to appear “tough,” and gin up good soundbites for the next day’s news, at some point a moderator is going to spend half an hour grill the candidates over whatever the gaffe, personality story or hot-button controversy of the week is.

Of course, it’s easy to criticize the moderators for what they’ve asked in the past. What do you want them to ask about this time?

That’s the high-road question. If you’d rather just take the low road, let’s create a Presidential debates drinking game. I’ll start: when a moderator uses the phrase “the race card,” do a shot.

And every time a moderator mentions “elitism,” do a shot with a beer chaser, to prove you’re down with the working man.