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The Morning After: Ain't That a Kick in the Head

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So I’m flipping channels last night, and I come across a reality-competition show in which someone’s been rushed to the hospital after drinking too much in a hot tub. Business as usual, right? Something on MTV, or maybe Big Brother? No: I was watching Fine Living Network. Which, though how this slipped under my radar is beyond me, is now airing From the Ground Up, a home-design competition show, complete with confessional, challenges, and, evidently, the requisite hot tub.

Fine Living Network? Really? Is there a hot tub in America that a reality show contestant has not passed out in? Is Eternal Word Network airing America’s Next Top Priest now?

At least Fine Living Network is capable of getting my attention, though. As opposed to the broadcast networks, which at this point in the summer have pretty much stopped trying. ABC, for instance, aired Wanna Bet?, in which “celebrities” including Tom Bergeron and Corbin Bernsen place bets on whether people can perform unusual feats. One young man (above), for instance, said he could kick himself in the head 45 times in a minute.

He did. At which point he was brain-damaged enough to be in the target audience for Wanna Bet?

Warning: Both network-website links above are to pages which, in an annoying online trend, start playing a loud video unprompted once the page loads. I don’t need my web pages speaking to me unless I tell them to. The Internet needs to shut up!