The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing

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Untitled, #696-05, Richard Misrach, 2005/FRAENKEL GALLERY, PACE/MacGILL, MARC SELWYN FINE ARTS

Criticizing things for a living, it gets strenuous. Even critics need a vacation. So this critic is taking off the next three weeks to vacate. Back on Monday August 18.

Meanwhile, if you have some free time of your own, you can check out the first examples of the new series of short films that the American Institute of Architects has on their website, a project connected to the poll they did last year of the 150 favorite American buildings, bridges and so forth.

517-02.jpgUntitled, #517-02, Richard Misrach, 2002 /FRAENKEL GALLERY, PACE/MacGILL, MARC SELWYN FINE ARTS