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Lost Discussion Group: You Are the Emmys

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I realized after posting my Emmy reactions this morning that I mentioned not a word about Lost being nominated for best drama nor Michael Emerson for best supporting actor. So I decided to treat the omission as not a bug but a feature and to milk an entirely new post out of it. Let’s take a week away from the mythology and theory-spinning of Lost and look at it as a plain old TV show, with real actors playing fake people.

I doubt there are many people here who would deny that Emerson’s deserving, for turning what started as essentially a bit part into possibly the show’s most compelling character. But let’s look at the show’s bench strength. Who do you think is Lost’s most underappreciated actor or actress? I’ll kick things off by nominating Harold Perrineau, simply for taking a character who was despised—not just by the other characters but often by fans—and making his treachery understandable and compelling. (Which made it all the more disappointing that Michael go tthe shaft with an underwhelming send-off.)