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The Morning After: TCA Roundup

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In yesterday’s news from the TV critics’ press tour:

* HBO plans to combat its programming slump with a novel strategy: creating new television shows. (Also, in what is becoming a ritual announcement, those Deadwood movies are still never gonna happen.)

* Speaking of HBO, let’s not forget the upcoming, and oxymoronic, American Little Britain, as well as those vampires. Meanwhile, the boys of Entourage will face tough times in season 5 this fall, and not just because season 4 sucked.

* Professor Sepinwall explains it all.

* Greensburg—the outstanding Planet Green docu-series that does not star Adrian Grenier—is getting a second season. Also, dawggies!

* The international media are as Obamamanic as their American counterparts. Though not as much as Spike Lee. (Incidentally, I suspect Peter Ames Carlin of blood doping. His TCA blogging rate is superhuman.)

* You would not think that Natasha Bedingfield could not sink lower than to have to play a gig on The Bachelorette. But you would be wrong.