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Whom Should Meet the Press Meet?

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I just realized that it is Wednesday morning and I haven’t mentioned the fact that NBC named Tom Brokaw as interim host of Meet the Press through the election. The explanation requires a confession: though I write about the media and follow politics more than is probably healthy, I’m not really a fan of the Sunday shows. Having to watch them, in fact—on a weekend morning when I could think of hundreds of things I’d rather do, some involving cleaning products—seems like one of the saddest aspects of being a political reporter.

That said, going the interim route seems like a smart move for NBC, given the multiple problems they have filling Russert’s chair. Brokaw is suited and has the gravitas, but he’s going to want to go back fishing eventually. NBC News’ stars on cable who might fill the role—Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann—have plenty of baggage after the primary. (Also there are the little problems that [1] interviewing is not what made Olbermann a star and [2] talking is more Matthews’ forte than listening.) Andrea Mitchell is experienced and connected, but I wonder if she’s too much of a comfortable Washington insider to do dogged interviews week in and week out; David Gregory might be a fine choice but a little dull, a victim of young-old-man syndrome.

But it’s not like I have better ideas, and I’m admittedly not the audience anyway. Anyone you’d like to give the hot seat to?