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Kinsey Has a Beard?

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I didn’t get around to mentioning it earlier, but if you haven’t seen it yet, Alex Witchel has a lengthy cover story in the New York Times magazine on Mad Men and its writer-creator, Matthew Weiner. There are some mild spoilers—notably, one related to what year and time it is when season 2 debuts—but the piece is less interesting for the dirt than for its insights on the methods and psyche of Weiner, a protege of David Chase who is going through his own Chasian family issues in his work:

What do his parents think of the show?

“I think they love the show,” he said.

He thinks? They haven’t told him?

“Ah, not really. I think they like to tell other people more than they like to tell me.”

But mainly, you need to see the photo. Seriously, Paul Kinsey has a beard now? I can’t wait for Don Draper’s shag hairdo.