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Lost Discussion Group: Version 5.1

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Taking up Chaddogg’s suggestion from last week’s Lost Discussion Group, I’ll raise the same question I did at the beginning of last summer’s LDG: Where do you think the next season of Lost will kick off?

You can answer as generally or specifically as you want. For instance:

* What’s the first scene of Lost, season five, episode one? Ben and Jack clumsily wheeling Locke’s coffin out of the funeral home and getting it ready for international shipping? The gang on the beach, witnessing the explosion and then disappearance of the ship (whether they realize or not that they were actually the ones who disappeared)? Locke becoming the leader of the Others? Or will we jump somewhere else in space or time altogether?

* More generally, what’s the structure of the new season going to look like? The last time significant groups of players were separated for a substantial length of time—Jack, Kate and Sawyer on Other Island at the beginning of season three—it didn’t play so well with Lost fans. How long can the producers get away with toggling between the Oceanic Six off-island and the experiences of those who stayed behind? Conversely, how little can they get away with, given all the blanks they have to fill in—namely, three years (presumably) of Island time between the rescue and Jeremy Bentham’s return trip? Do they skip those three years altogether (and leave us to wonder what went wrong)? Do they condense it into a single episode, a la the Tailies episode from season 2?

* Most generally of all, what do you want them to do—and what are you hoping that they don’t?