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Tomorrow's Controversy Today

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So I was watching a screener of Camp Rock, Disney Channel’s upcoming Jonas Brothers movie—and you think this job isn’t work?—when I saw something that gave me pause. The three boy-bandmates are conferring in an early scene, and Kevin Jonas (below left) has his innocent American neck swaddled in… could it be… a black and white patterned scarf?

Children, avert your eyes! / ABC/DISNEY CHANNEL

Holy Mother of Pearl—it is! First Rachael Ray donned her paisley scarf / could-possibly-be-taken-for-a-keffiyeh in an ad for Dunkin Donuts. Now America’s hottest tween idols are subverting the tender minds of our very children through things-around-their-necks-that-resemble-things-around-the-necks-of-people-who-sympathize-with-certain-people-who-wear-those-things-around-their-heads!

Next thing you know, we’ll find out the Jonases engage in terrorist fist jabs! How could Michelle Malkin allow this to happen?

For the actual scene, click here. I’ll bet you “Make me a birdhouse” is totally terrorist code.