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The Morning After: The Rest Is Still Unscripted

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I haven’t regularly followed any edition of The Bachelor/ette since, oh, the Trista era. Nor am I any more inclined to watch it now that the show is two freaking hours long. (Did we really lose that many narrative subtleties at an hour’s length?) But I checked in on last night’s Bachelorette long enough to see DeAnna and her date enjoying a romantic serenade from… Natasha Bedingfield? Look, I’m not particularly a fan of hers nor do I have any opinion one way or another about her artistic integrity, but I do hope they paid her a zillion dollars for this. Obviously, she already got big exposure from The Hills, so she’s not above having her music used in reality TV, but in the hierarchy of reality TV appearances, this is where? Below American Idol, above Rock of Love?