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About That Whole "The Strike Is Over" Thing…

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The Screen Actors Guild is still negotiating, with a contract deadline of June 30 coming up. And Variety reports today that despite a separate deal struck by sister guild AFTRA (which represents fewer TV actors), SAG and the producers are not coming much closer together yet. The questions, as Variety lays them out:

* Will SAG attempt to torpedo the AFTRA pact by advising the 44,000 members who also belong to AFTRA that they should vote against ratification? AFTRA’s national board will meet Friday and Saturday to approve the May 28 deal and send it out to the 70,000 AFTRA members.

* Will SAG ask its 120,000 members for strike authorization, which requires 75% approval? The guild’s running out of time to seek such authorization so it will have the option of calling a strike once its contract expires on June 30; its national executive committee is expected to meet in the next few days to make that call since an authorization vote would need at least two weeks to complete.

I’m not diving under my desk yet, but this is worth keeping an eye on this month.