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More Sessions for In Treatment?

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When HBO picked up the second season of Tell Me You Love Me, I wrote: “File this under News I Didn’t Expect to Be Reading This Soon and Come to Think of It Probably Ever.” Well, I hope there’s still room in that manila folder. The LA Times reports that In Treatment may get a second season on the channel, having hired Tony Award winner Warren Leight (Side Man) as showrunner and head writer. (Via TV Tattle.)

As with TMYLM, the ratings for In Treatment were modest at best. But one expects that the budget was too, by HBO standards (not a lot of set changes and locations), and it had a loyal following and critical love. Maybe more important, HBO’s new programming chief, Sue Naegle, likes it.

I’m guessing that Paul Weston would have a new set of clients in his next go-round. Anyone you want to see return?