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Happy Last Lost Day!

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Jack goes with his (appendicitis-ravaged) gut. / MARIO PEREZ/ABC

I don’t have a discussion topic for you. Except for this one: LostLostLostLostLost! OMG Lost finale I can’t stand it!

Anyway, if you’re like me, you need some sort of outlet for your nervous Lost energy today, so consider this a warmup area for tonight, to throw out any last predictions, musings, hopes or critiques. (Speaking of the last: plenty of critics, myself included, have been blowing smoke up Lost’s season 4, so if anyone has a case too make that this season wasn’t all that, it’d be interesting to hear the dissent. Seriously. This is not a trap.)

And while you’re waiting, let me point you to some other Lostiana online today:

* Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has posted a clip from the finale at her blog. ABC has actually made several available, but I haven’t posted because (1) I and our tech people are still figuring out how to convert the files and (2) I suspect some of you would rather not be tempted to see scenes out of context ahead of time. Mostly because of (1), though.

* My former TIME colleague Ginia Bellafante examines the philosophy of Lost in the New York Times.

* Carlton Cuse tells Doc Jensen that the finale is all about whether Jack or Locke is right.