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Lost Day Minus One: Excess Freight

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Happy Day Before Lost Day! Consider this a thread for any theories, thoughts, restless anticipation, etc. , but I thought I’d kick off discussion with a question that’s bugging me as we go forward to the finale: What becomes of the four Freighties?

The stories of Daniel, Miles, Charlotte and Frank hardly seem finished, and we’ve certainly had hints that these characters would be significant going forward. On the other hand, there is the small question of how they manage to get off the island. They arrived on a freighter which we now know to be packed with explosives, and as Chekhov (not the one from Star Trek) said, if you’ve got a pile of C4 on stage in the first act… They’re not with the Oceanic Six upon their return, and obviously if they did, they would hve some ‘splainin’ to do. And I would guess that, however Ben makes it off the island, he’s not going to be inclined to bring them for company.

So what’s their exit strategy? Or do they have one? Could it be that the rescuing-you-is-not-exactly-our-first-priority rescuers somehow get stranded?

By the way, a reminder: if you are in possession of spoilers about this or anything else—actual or purported—keep them to yourself. Educated theories and/or irresponsible speculation only!