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The Morning After: We've Got a Final!

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Spoilers for American Idol coming up… after the break!

So who will Syesha endorse?

The surprise last night was there was no surprise, but that sets us up for the first genuinely suspenseful American Idol final since Ruben vs. Clay. Game this out however you want, I think that at this point either David could win this on any given night. Let the handicapping begin!

Beyond that, the one highlight of the filler-iffic evening was the appearance by Fantasia. She and Kelly Clarkson are the two Idol contestants who’ve recorded post-Idol music I’ve listened to by choice (“Hood Boy” is a great single), and love or hate her breathless, primal-scream performance—I loved it, I’m guessing Simon hated it—give her credit for not letting the legacy of Idol sand down the rawness of her style. Idol doesn’t like raw; Idol is all about cooking. Who’s got the recipe for success next week?