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First the Dodgers, Now Project Runway

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First Project Runway moved from Bravo to Lifetime. I was fine with that. Now comes word (from EW via tvtattle) that Runway is moving from New York City to Los Angeles, at least for a good chunk of season 6.

Oh, no they dih-n’t. Oh NO they DIH-n’t.

Look, I’m sure they have plenty of little fashion thingies in L.A. I understand people wear clothing there. But this New York City, capital of the fashion world. Or at least the fashion country. You get my point. My point is: did we try to steal On the Lot from you? No. No, we did not. Did we steal the Real Housewives from Orange County? No, we found crazy rich people of our own.

But now the East Coast / West Coast TV war is on. Look out, City of Angels: we’re coming after American Idol now.

Or at least Shear Genius. We can totally get Shear Genius.