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Idol Gives Back Gives Back

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This week’s edition of American Idol will attempt to raise consciousness about, and propose solutions to, one of the most tragic problems afflicting our planet: that there are not enough hours of American Idol already programmed on Fox every week.

Last year, you’ll recall, Idol Gives Back week ended with a surprise non-elimination round, because the producers decided that sending a singer home on the night of the charity fundraiser would harsh everyone’s humanitarian buzz. But as I blogged last year, the problem was: “What does this mean for next year? They can’t pull the same surprise twice.”

Well, it turned out that Idol will solve the problem the same way Idol solves pretty much every problem: with more Idol. After Wednesday’s two-and-a-half-hour telethon, there will be a results show on Thursday instead. 24 hours, apparently, is enough time to get over our sentimental feelings.

Tonight, the remaining eight contestants sing—for the planet, for the children, for the chance to cut an album with Clive Davis. Care to suggest an “inspirational song” for your favorite contestant? I want Brooke White to do One Tin Soldier!