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How Can FNL Fans Save Jericho?

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Answer: by getting DirecTV, at least in a roundabout way. According to today’s New York Times, the deal by which NBC got the satellite provider to pony up for a third season of Friday Night Lights could be a model for saving other shows with small but passionate followings—if it succeeds. Says the NYT’s Brian Seltzer Stelter, CBS has been discussing a similar deal for Jericho with the cable company Comcast.

On a related note, what reason is there to continue calling the show “NBC’s Friday Night Lights”? If it’s airing on DirecTV four months or more in advance, that sounds like “DirecTV’s Friday Night Lights” to me.

Just another example of how network brands are starting to become less and less relevant to TV watchers—how long until we see “Amazon Unbox’s Pushing Daisies” or “iTunes’ In Treatment”?—but if that keeps shows like FNL alive, that’s fine by me.