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The Morning After: Hooray for Dollywood

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Could Brooke get a bottom-three scare this week?. / Frank Micelotta / FOX

My morning-after American Idol reviews are posted now at time.com. [Yes, I know, for some reason they were posted with photos from last week’s show. I’m working on it, if by “working” you mean “I just sent an e-mail to time.com’s photo people.”] Dolly Parton turned out to be good for the contestants; although my favorite performers didn’t have their best nights (I’m looking at you, Brooke White), nobody was really notably bad last night, either.

That’s not good for me, though, because it makes it harder to predict a bottom three for tonight. My first bet is Syesha, who did herself no favors when, as I wrote in my review, she broke “the first commandment of American Idol: Invite Unto Thyself Not Comparisons With Whitney Houston.” Next—I’m going to go with Kristy Lee Cook, not because she was especially bad, but she was just unforgettably OK on a night where a country singer should have shined. Last, in the tradition of Jason Castro last week, I think this is Brooke’s week to get her first bottom-three scare. But this would be a good night for a surprise, seeing as how there were no obvious stinkers in the bunch. (I could see Carly landing in the bottom, again not because she was bad but because America just has not seemed to like her that much.)

I’m not feeling too confident in my calls this week, though, so let’s have yours.