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The Morning After: Wearin' o' the Green

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Vanessa Minillo, left, guests on a St. Paddy’s Day HIMYM. / Cliff Lipson/CBS

Shows returning from their strike hiatus all have similar challenges: to remind the viewers why they’re watching, and to remind them what they’re watching. Last night’s How I Met Your Mother succeeded on both levels. First, there was a character-driven A-plot and a solid B-plot. I’m always impressed with how Marshall and Lily can make being boring marrieds funny: “My hands smell weird. Smell this.” And I loved Marshall’s racist Confederate ghost cover story to distract Lily from the apartment’s slanty floors: “He seemed polite! He had courtly Southern manners!” (Incidentally, as the owner of a typical old Brooklyn house whose floors bow in the middle, I can vouch for the importance of strategic positioning during Hungry Hungry Hippos.)

But more important, it reminded you that you were watching a show about how the protagonist Met Your Mother. The earlier shows this season drifted off that storyline as it dealt with Ted’s recovery from Robin. With the re-introduction of that banana-yellow umbrella, in Ted’s hands by the end of the episode, “No Tomorrow” re-established the arc of the story for more casual viewers. And raised the possibility that Ted might actually find his kids’ mother sometime before they’re born.

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