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HBO's Road Not Traveled

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With your most critically acclaimed drama just having gone off the air, the writers’ strike having choked up the pipeline for new material, and the competition ready to debut a number of new and returning shows, you’d think you’d be anxious to get some new shows—any new shows—on the air. Not if you’re HBO, apparently. The network has confirmed that its long-trumpted Lily Tomlin comedy Twelve Miles of Bad Road, having already shot six episodes, will never see air—not on HBO at least. (The producers are reportedly shopping the real-estate comedy around, to networks including Lifetime.)

Well, HBO’s entertainment chief must have a lot of other options up her sleeve, right? Probably would! If they still had one! See, in other HBO news, entertainment president Carolyn Strauss left over the weekend after two decades at the network.

For somebody’s sake, True Blood had better be really worth the wait.

[Update: On a more somber HBO note, the sudden death of Anthony Minghella comes as HBO plans to put its series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, whose pilot he directed, into production.]