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Cupid Reloads Its Quiver

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Back in September, I noted that “Pushing Daisies–a quirky critic’s-darling romance involving magic powers–is a little bit like a hyperstylized version of 1998 quirky critic’s-darling romance Cupid.” What with ABC’s new fondness for eccentric romantic dramedies with quasi-magical elements, it seemed like Cupid might have been more successful if only it had launched ten years later.

ABC apparently agrees–because it’s relaunching Cupid, ten years later. I wasn’t a huge fan of Cupid when it first aired, but I’m willing to give it a second chance, and bigger fans of the show should go back and read Alan Sepinwall’s episode-by-episode recaps of the show (start here, scroll down) if you haven’t already.

Between this and the talk of Cupid creator Rob Thomas making a spinoff of Beverly Hills 90210, it’s got to be a bittersweet week for fans of Thomas’ late lamented Veronica Mars. Hey, give it another decade and maybe it’ll come back too.