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Housekeeping: When Do You Like Your Lostwatch?

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A quick question to anyone here reading the blog at this hour: are you checking Tuned In wondering when the hell I’m going to post Lostwatch? Because here’s the thing, I already wrote it. Sometimes I write it up as soon as I watch, sometimes the next morning. But even when I write it immediately after the show, I generally schedule it to post the next morning, or at least after the show ends Pacific time, on the assumption that our friends in other time zones would like me to wait and that no one’s out there waiting to debate Lost in the middle of the night anyway.

But it occurs to me that I’ve never asked. Let me know if you have a preference. Mind you, most often Lostwatch won’t be up until the next morning anyway, because having two kids has effectively sucked the night-owlishness out of me. In the meantime, keep hitting refresh get some sleep! Lostwatch will be up in the morning.