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The Morning After: I Just Want to Be Your Everything

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Don’t retire this Castro yet. / FOX

I’m divvying up this week’s American Idol semifinal coverage with time.com editor / music critic Josh Tyrangiel, and his reviews of Tuesday’s boys’ night ’70s sing-off should be up any… second… now. (Whoa! There it is already.)

If you ask me, Josh got the lucky half of the deal, because while the guys may not be as good as the gals this season, they’re at least more varied and interesting. My current fave: Jason Castro, who if you ask me was robbed by the judges last night for his Andy Gibb cover. OK, he may not have the most powerful voice qua voice of any of the guys, and maybe there’s a limited commercial audience for guitar-strumming 20 year old dudes who look like Ani DiFranco. But to disagree with Randy, this isn’t just a singing contest; it’s a performing contest, and so far Jason has consistently been able to interpret his material, change it and make it interesting. And, Simon, I’m surprised at you: this was a weak song to choose from the ’70s? I mean, maybe Andy Gibb is no Samantha Sang, but…

Tonight, I’ll be reviewing the women, because someone has to speak on behalf of people who don’t really know anything about music. Your views of That ’70s Show, part 1?