Tuned In

I'm Back

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[Oscar night. Mrs. Tuned In is putting the Jrs. to bed while I take notes for the blog.]

TUNED IN JR. JR. [Peers down from the top of the stairs]: Daddy!

MRS. TUNED IN: Come back over. Daddy has to work.

TUNED IN JR. JR. [Looks through the railing, seeing me on the couch, as Ryan Seacrest interviews Miley Cyrus on the red carpet. Says, dismissively]: He’s just watching.

MRS. TUNED IN: That is his work. He watches shows and writes about them.

TUNED IN JR. JR. [Laughs incredulously]: No!

We’re back in business. The Wire and Oscar writeups posting in the morning. Try to contain your excitement.