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The Morning After: Rescripted

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“Wait a minute… words on a prompter, script on my desk, vending machine upstairs out of Funions… the writers are back!” –Jon Stewart

The writers’ strike is over, which means I can finally go back to being uninterested in late-night television. I kid, mostly, but it’s true that as far as late-night is concerned, the novelty of seeing the hosts left to wing it (combined, perhaps, with a little “writing”) made me far more interested in non-Comedy Central late-night than I had been in years. I’ll miss those heady days of watching Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert opening up a can of whoopass over Mike Huckabee.

Of course, I like those guys, so I wouldn’t wish another day of grinding it out without writers on them (especially Jon), but admit it–wasn’t it fun while it lasted? Most of the audience must have thought so, since, the AP reports, ratings were as strong or better as when the shows had writers. (Link via TV Decoder.)

I’ll be catching up with last night’s shows on TiVo, but here’s your thread to comment in the meantime. Did you notice a difference?