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American Idol: Your Predictions Now!

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So the American Idol Semifinal 24 have been selected, and the tween girls, grandmas and Wal-mart music-section buyers of America shed a tear that glasses-wearing, curly-headed, Clay Aiken-y, Josh Groban-y Kyle was cut. So far, the girls seem stronger than the guys; then again, I’m pretty sure the girls always seem stronger than the guys at this point in the competition.

We’ve seen relatively little of each singer so far, but you know our philosophy at Tuned In: An ill-informed opinion is the best opinion! In that spirit, I invite you to put your chips down on who will win American Idol.

I’m going to have to go with disappointed season 5 hopeful Carly, if the American voting public doesn’t hold the fact that she is not actually, you know, an American Idol against her. Do they not let the Irish compete on Pop Idol?