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The Morning After: Hey Mr. Tambor Man

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Robert Voets/CBS

I’m not sure how much demand there is for reviews of new shows at Tuned In; they don’t generate many comments compared with other posts, though for all I know maybe there’s some vast silent majority of Tuned Inlanders that read them. All of which is excuse for my having watched two episodes of Welcome to the Captain but not actually having reviewed it here. Why? Busy-ness, and its first cousin laziness; the fact that the sitcom–about a screenwriter and a gang of eccentrics in an L.A. apartment building–was neither remarkably bad nor notably good, nor, I expect, is it very long for this world. But maybe part of it was desire to simply leave Jeffrey Tambor alone. We all fell in love with him in The Larry Sanders Show and again in Arrested Development, but those kinds of work only come along so often; so if the man needs to do the occasional Captain or Twenty Good Years, maybe it’s better to let him collect his check and work in peace until the show gets cancelled in its own time.

But you’re under no such obligation. Anyone watch it?