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Television Without Pity, But With Television

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The spare-the-snark-spoil-the-networks website, televisionwithoutpity.com, has gone video. With help from its new corporate sugar daddies at NBC Universal, TV Without Pity has launched an online show, The Week Without Pity, which gives you all the attitude and wit you’ve come to love from the site, without the excruciating pain of reading. The episodes nominate a Best Show, Worst Show (e.g., The Moment of Truth, hosted by “the least famous Mark Walberg there has ever been”) and Guilty Pleasure of the Week. Yes, actually seeing TV Without Pity’s barbs translated into video form reminds you what a slippery slope it is from arch online pop-culture commentary to E!/VH1, but, hey, at least this is good E!/VH1.