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Strike Watch: Finke Catches Her Breath

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Nikki Finke, the reporter extraordinaire of the WGA strike, was sidelined from Deadline Hollywood Daily by the flu just as the informal talks began. She’s back, and posts a massive update on the progress of the talks. Bottom line: The WGA’s leaders are going to try to get the guild’s board to endorse the deal they’ve roughed out with the producers (and which point the board could end the strike), though it may take the week to get the terms formally written out–and there’s still the chance the deal could get blown up in the draft-writing process. And there’s always the looming possibility that the membership could reject a deal approved by its board.

The money line for most of you reading out there, though:

Right now, if the WGA board accepts the deal, I’m told that the Back 9 of most scripted TV series could be saved along with a no-frills pilot season with less scripted series ordered than ever before.

Fingers re-crossed.