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The Most Important Super Tuesday Interview That You Will Not Watch

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Well, I shouldn’t assume, but this is an English-language blog. Sunday morning at 10, though, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will each make their case on what could be their most important Sunday-gab-show appearance before Super Tuesday—on Univision’s Al Punto. From the network’s release:

Univision’s Sunday morning discussion program “Al Punto” will provide one-on-one interviews with Democratic Presidential candidates Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. With only two days to go before Super Tuesday, Jorge Ramos sits down with Senator Clinton and María Elena Salinas with Senator Obama to discuss the importance of the Hispanic vote in states such as California, Illinois and New York, among others. Univision asks the questions that clarify each Senator’s position on issues that clearly set them apart, such as U.S. relations with Cuba and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. The Democratic Presidential candidates also respond to Senator Kennedy’s endorsement and former President Clinton’s involvement in the campaign.

“Importance of the Hispanic vote” indeed: it’s nearly a quarter of the electorate in California, for one, the most populous state, the results of which will count a lot toward determining who has momentum on Feb. 6. Some recent California polls have shown the state tightening; and recent polls from several states have shown Clinton with a margin among Hispanics comparable to that Obama had among African Americans in South Carolina.

If there are any Univision watchers out there in Tuned Inland, I’d love to hear a report back. Though I hate to tear you away from Fox News’ Super Sunday morning coverage.