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The Morning After: Happy Lost Day!

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In honor of tonight’s season 4 premiere, I’m going to try to keep it entirely to Lost posts today. Don’t settle the strike today, OK, Hollywood?

So who caught the special Pop-Up Lost last night? I could only stick with it so long, but in retrospect I would have loved to have watched it with a group of people who had actually never seen Lost before. Because while it was an admirable effort, and if it did bring a few new people into the Lost fold, good for ABC, I have to think that if I had never laid eyes on the show and saw that deluge of information–pared down as it was–I would have freaked out in a minute and a half. He dove where to disconnect the what in the which station?

For someone who already knows the show and, like me, has no life, it was amusing enough:

* “Clearly, Jack is in great despair”? Because he’s weeping behind the wheel of his car? Yeah, I got that.

* No little “BOING!” sounds when the captions appear? What kind of pop-ups are these?

* And finally: you just know that, deep down inside, this is the way TV executives secretly believe average Americans need to watch all TV more complicated than American Gladiators. On to The Pop-Up Wire!