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Lost Discussion Group: Missing Pieces

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The people have spoken! The people want an LDG discussion thread on the Lost Missing Pieces mobisodes! And who are we to gainsay their willingness to come up with our topics for us?

You’ll find the first twelve of these short videos at ABC.com; the last, not yet posted on ABC.com (they’re released first on Verizon Wireless) is desciribed here. (It has also appeared on, and been pulled down from, YouTube.)

I have to admit that I didn’t find most of them to be more than amusements, except for the last one, and the ones dealing with Walt, whom the Others apparently released because he scared the living crap out of them. Especially interested in your thoughts on that one. Watch out for falling birds.

[Update: Find all the Missing Pieces here–thanks, Lou Blue. And thanks, Internet!]