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Lost Discussion Group: Bear With Me

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Great LDG comments so far this week. Keep ’em coming. But first, a public-service announcement. I assume that because I and others have gotten screeners of the first two Lost episodes, there is probably lots of spoilage on the Web by now. Tuned In commenters, being the upstanding models of Periclean civic discourse that you are, have not spread any spoilers here. Thanks, and let’s keep it a spoiler-safe zone.

As for my own LDG questions, having seen two episodes in advance, I’m starting to realize what a rush it must be to be Carlton Cuse or Damon Lindelof. The power of your slightest offhand utterance! Why’s Poniewozik asking about the Whispers, anyway? What is it we’re going to find out about Christian? What does he know?

In the interest of using my powers for good and not evil: I’m not dropping any hidden clues here. I’m not saying that any of my LDG questions this week are about to be answered on the show–or that they’re not. I’m just saying that these are some things you might want to be thinking about, that’s all.

That sounds even more tease-y and crypto-spoilery, doesn’t it? OK, so I’m a little evil.

Enough jawboning: What were the freaking polar bears doing on the island?