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The Morning After: Priceless

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I’m not usually in the habit of checking out the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but I watched a while last night, only because, well, the strike’s still on and I may as well get a look at what actors look like while I have the chance. The most notable thing I ended up seeing, though, was the daffiest commercial I’ve seen in a long time: a MasterCard “mini-drama” titled “The Violin” in which a woman gets a call out of the blue and books a flight to Paris to attend an auction. On the block: an antique violin that turns out to be… her grandfather’s! “It was my grandfather’s heart and soul. It’s time he got it back.” I didn’t get it, but then again, I’ve never gotten the whole “Priceless” campaign, which boils down to “MasterCard! It helps you spend money!”

Oh also, some people won awards.

Meanwhile, I’m curious what everyone thought about the second episode of Breaking Bad. I thought this was the weakest of the three episodes I was sent, so if you felt let down, hang in there. I’m not refunding your money yet.