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Corporate Press Release Theater: PBS' Car-toon

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I’ve gotta go straight to the press release on this one. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you myself:

(Monday, January 28; Washington, DC)–PBS confirmed today the title of its first-ever animated primetime series, a spin-off of Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s hit NPR show “Car Talk.” …

The ten 30-minute episodes of CLICK & CLACK’S AS THE WRENCH TURNS take place mainly at Car Talk Plaza, a fictional building that houses their radio studio and their famed garage in Harvard Square in the fair city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The [mis]adventures of Click and Clack involve competition with a nearby garage staffed by sexy hunks, a looming run-in with the feds when their robot mechanic causes a power grid meltdown, and their two-man campaign for president. The guys also create the world’s first pasta-fueled vehicle — which causes an unnaturally high demand for generic noodles. In one episode, they turn their garage into a casino; in another, their insults drive away their radio sponsor, forcing them to collaborate with a gas-guzzler manufacturer. In the pursuit of idleness, they outsource their radio show to India. Deception reigns when their shop dog, Zuzu, develops uncanny diagnostic powers and Crusty, the Harvard-professor-turned-wrench-turner, tries to convince his visiting niece that he’s still a respected academic. In one of the concluding episodes, Click and Clack’s lifelong love of practical jokes reaches its apex during the visit of one Ms. Sheila Goldigger, a potential network benefactor.

The series debuts this summer. Hopefully, not around the same time as any congressional debates about the social need to fund public broadcasting.