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The Morning After: A Nerd Deferred

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What’s behind that door? Hiatus is behind that door, my friend! / NBC Photo: Justin Lubin

While you were watching Chuck last night, I was finally catching up on Project Runway, then watching the MSNBC Republican debate, which attempted to answer the immortal question: “How many ways can John McCain work the phrase ‘my friends’ into a sentence”? (Related: Isn’t his catchphrase “straight talk” supposed to refer to him telling his audience things that most politicians wouldn’t have the guts to say? Because when he uses the phrase to refer to, say, criticizing Democratic budget plans at a Republican debate–oooh, daring!–it kind of undercuts that a bit, no?) In any case, I’ll leave you to offer any parting thoughts on Mr. Bartowski until he joins us again in the AfterStrike.