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Lost Discussion Group: Welcome Back, Michael

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If I were a good blogger, the kind who plans well, prepares ahead and plots all manner of traffic-generating events, I would have prepped some kind of gigundous Loststravaganza for the week leading up to the return of the Tuned In community’s most hallowed show. I am not a good blogger. In lieu of the fabulous Lost Welcome Back Party I should have prepared, I have a half bag of stale pretzels and a two-liter of flat cola. I hope you brought your own noisemakers.

But it’s probably a good time to start limbering up our analytical muscles for season 4. Let’s start with the return of Michael, which we’ve been told will factor in to this season. He made a flashback appearance, with Juliet, in one of ABC’s Lost minisodes in the fall. But all this begs the question: Where has Michael (and Walt) been, and what has he been doing all this time?

Any number of theories jump to mind:

* He made it back to civilization but has kept mum, either from fear of Dharma or because no one would believe his story

* The compass bearing that Ben put him on delivered him straight to Not Penny’s Boat

* He made it away from the island, but–owing to temporal weirdnesses that make time pass differently on the island–has only just gotten back to civilization

I’m sure you can do better.

[Public Service Announcement: there are already some unconfirmed spoilers floating around out there about the content of coming episodes–there’s a respectfully vague summary of the first episode here, link via Lostpedia–but I’m not going to ruin anyone’s fun by writing about them here. Do us a favor and avoid spoilage in the comments, or at the least give everybody a fair and clear warning. Namaste.]