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The Morning After: We Footballed!

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Is there still a writers’ strike on? The newspaper says there is, and yet last night we had a choice among a new episode of The Wire, the pilot of Breaking Bad and the finale of The Amazing Race. Oh, yeah, and some game. After celebrating Mrs. Tuned In’s day-before-her-birthday, I sat down for one of my few sports-watching sessions of the year and caught the last half-hour of the Giants-Packers game. It was exciting! The Giants’ football kicker kicked the football between the football bars! He scored a football! Hurrah!

But this isn’t a sports blog, if you couldn’t already tell, so I give you the comments section for your postmortems of the Breaking Bad debut (I’m considering starting a Watch, but not for the pilot, seeing as how I just reviewed it), the TAR finale or your future draft pick to be named later.