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Will the Strike Save the Panthers?

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In the earlier Strike Watch thread, chaddogg asks:

In the arena of silver linings to dark storm clouds, I thought I’d share the link to this article in Variety, which discusses the improbable fact that the writers’ strike (and a few other factors) has arguably INCREASED the chance that Friday Night Lights survives for a third season with the Dillon Panthers.

@James – any rumors on this front? I mean, I know the writers’ strike means ALL shows are in trouble for renewal next season, but have FNL’s improved ratings (thanks to DVR viewership, the Friday time slot, and less competition from other scripted shows) supported a decision to extend the show for another season (ignoring for the moment that you’d practically HAVE to deal with the graduations of Riggins/Lila/Smash)?

I’ve heard this postulated for FNL but don’t know anything specific. What helps its chances (and some other shows) is that an interrupted development season makes it less likely the networks can field a full roster of new shows to debut in the fall–so better to pick up some of the borderline shows they already have.

On a related note, I just got three [Update: make that six!] new episodes of Jericho–another show that could conceivably get a strike boost. When it comes back in February, Jericho fans, it’s time to put down the peanuts and pick up the remotes–and get a few friends to as well.