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Robo-Post: The Top 10 Shows That Were Not the Top 10 Shows of 2007

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I’ve said this before, but any top-10 list is really a top 9 list, plus about a 20-way tie for 10th. When I put together my lists of the top 10 new and returning shows, there were numerous shows that might have made the lists, had they been a touch better, had I been in a different mood that day or, frankly, for no good reason at all. (I’ll just say it: I regret not including Slings and Arrows.)

Anyway, here are 10 shows that might have made my list–and might next year, if they’re still around–in the order that I thought of them when I typed this.

How I Met Your Mother
Battlestar Galactica
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Knights of Prosperity
Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil
Veronica Mars
Slings and Arrows

Most of you probably haven’t done a top-10 list of TV shows to begin with. So I’ll put the question to you this way: What were your solid second-tier shows of 2007? That is, the shows that, for whatever reason, you felt fell just this side of best-ness? Let’s hear it for the also-rans!