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The Morning After: Clash of the Choirs 2: Electric Boogaloo

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SPOILER ALERT: I cannot believe I am seriously writing a spoiler alert for a post about Clash of the Choirs.

Well, America, you disobeyed Mrs. Tuned In’s specific instructions and voted off Team Rowland instead of Team Bolton on Clash of the Choirs last night. Mrs. Tuned In’s theory: “It’s Michael Bolton. He’s got the grandma vote.” Last night, Team LaBelle steamrolled on in NBC’s rerun-week choral-reality extravaganza, but the night did not treat Team Lachey well. “They could be in trouble,” said Mrs. Tuned In, though she gave Nick credit for one thing: “He seems to be directing the choralography quite well. As a former boy-band member, you’d expect that.”