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Programming Note

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Photo by Greefus Groinks.

It’s December rerun season, the Person of the Year issue has been put to bed, and even as you read this, I am slipping daintily into a hot tub filled with creamy, high-proof egg nog.

Yes, the holidays are here, and between TIME’s offices closing down (“special double issue”–the three sweetest words in the magazine business!), year-end vacation days, and general lethargy and low holiday-week Web traffic, posting will be light from here through New Year’s.

However, like Leia loading up R2D2 with her “Help me, Obi-Wan” message–I’ve been playing too much Lego Star Wars 2 with Tuned In Jr.–I have set up Robo-James with some posts, including a few year-end lists I didn’t get around to finishing for the big time.com top-10 blowout. He should be posting one a day or so, if he’s not out getting hammered with Robot Santa and Kwanzaabot, so keep checking in.

Best wishes as you celebrate the birth of Christ, or pray to the new Nintendo Wii you snagged, or conduct pagan ritual solstice sacrifices in your backyard. We’re ecumenical here at Tuned In. Now if you’ll excuse me, my egg nog bath is piping hot.