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Trailerama: The Wire

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So those seven episodes of The Wire I got? Watched ’em. Oh, the things I could spoil for you. Oh, the wonderful, heartbreaking things I could spoil for you.

But I won’t. Because I’m a good man. Because I’m a bad man. More than usual, it’s hard to get into the storyline of this final season beyond the first episode or so, because that would reveal a couple audacious plot twists that you really should discover for yourself. I’ll have more to write about the show in the magazine before season 5 premieres. So I will only say, for now, that this remains the best show on TV, and I will gladly watch each episode again when they air. And HBO has a longer trailer now playing:

A couple things:

* That line about the Major Crimes Unit being disbanded? It was one of those things I wasn’t going to mention to you, thinking it too spoiler-y. Guess it’s not a spoiler anymore.

* Although I’ve seen seven episodes of ten, the trailer, to my surprise, seems to include several scenes from the final three.

* Dig the quick-cutting and music HBO set the clips to. You’d think this was a show that people actually watched!

* Love the brief glimpse of Clay Davis in the first few moments of letting fly his trademark expletive: “Sh*********************t!” And I didn’t use nearly enough asterisks there. In that scene, I’d swear he stretches out the word for a good five seconds.

Any questions? Bring ’em on in the comments. I almost certainly won’t answer them, though.