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'Tis the Season

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It’s nearing the end of December, and you all know what that means: Time to bribe your local TV critic! OK, “bribe” might be an excessive term to describe the tchotchkes I’ve been receiving from various publicity departments in the biz, but it makes me feel roguish. Among the holiday swag items I’ve come across recently (sorry no pix–I really need to get a camera for the office):

* SpongeBob alarm clock from Nickelodeon
* Giant box of plastic action figures from Cartoon Network
* Smelly candle–“avocado, teakwood and amber”–from Si TV
* Stuffed orangutan from Animal Planet
* Fuzzy baby blanket for NBC’s upcoming The Baby Borrowers
* Chocolate-and-toffee-covered apple from the Ritz-Carlton New York. I do not cover the hospitality industry. Do not tell them that.