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JPTV: What Mrs. Tuned In Is Watching Tonight

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NBC Photo: Craig Busch

The things we do for love. In the course of our marriage, Mrs. Tuned In has endured a number of TV programs not to her taste which I have inflicted on her for professional and personal reasons: Big Brother, Carnivale, 24 (“that loud show”), and various programs involving alien or magical creatures killing things. But a relationship is about give and take, and on behalf of Mrs. Tuned In–who blew the roof off Saint Saviour’s Roman Catholic Church Saturday with the Bella Voce Singers while I quietly explained the Crucifixion paintings to Tuned In Jr.–I have set the TiVo tonight for NBC’s week-long Clash of the Choirs. Does Nick Lachey know choral music better than Patti Labelle?

OK, I’m a teeny bit curious too, but don’t tell her that. I want to get credit for this one.