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The Morning After: Model Behavior

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Elizabeth Carrillo/The CW

I’ve been unfaithful to America’s Next Top Model this season. For four or five seasons it was a never-miss for me, and then I burned out on it. Maybe it was the bulimia modeling competition, but at some point the challenges started seeming more and more contrived, and the Tyra-worship more and more blatant. Last night, reruns pushed me back into the arms of ANTM (also a rerun) and it was like I never left. It all came rushing back to me:

* How easy it is to talk your way out of almost any screw-up by selling Tyra some hoo-hah about “finding yourself” or your sad childhood or something

* The incomparable, inarticulate confessional interviews (“I can’t just bring it. I got to bring it bring it.”)

* And of course, Miss Jay, dressed up at the judges’ round in Beijing like a Chinese Angela Davis

The finale airs tonight. Anybody going to work it?