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The Morning After: "It's a Teepee, Dude."

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Robert Voets/CBS

One of the delights of Kid Nation is how it makes you swing between corny, parental pride in Bonanza City’s residents and abject horror for the future of our nation. You had the moment when the town council came over the ridge and saw the Native American encampment: “Hey guys, look! Looks like an igloo!” But then you had nine-year-old Alex winning the gold star at town council, and thinking immediately about whether he should keep it because gold prices are going up. (In the period of time since filming, by the way, he would appear to be right.)

But as much maturity as the kids have shown, I’m glad they’ve finally shaken things up and gone for the indulgent, frivolous options in the Goofus-and-Gallant choices set up for the challenge rewards. Personally, I wouldn’t have gone for the balloon rides, since I’m terrified of heights, but I’d have been even more terrified of second guessing Sheriff / Maximum Leader Sophia. Some day, she will be in charge of us all. One week left–is anyone else still watching?